Early October 2003...
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My sister, Chris, and I go on a trip each year together. We chose northwest Arkansas this year because it is close, the state is renowned for its scenery, and we had never vacationed there. We returned home with lots of great photographs and a new appreciation for Arkansas. The beautiful state abounds with interesting places and awesome vistas. We got a lot of exercise, as well, hiking over two miles a day in several state parks. We also wandered around charming neighborhoods, shopped at fun craft stores, took a ride on an antique train, and had a great time on a lovely lake. All in all we had a wonderful few days in Arkansas and were truly impressed by the beauty we found there.
Chris and I both used Olympus digital cameras to take the pictures that you will find here. We like to play around with our photos using the tools in Photo Shop and Paint Shop Pro so many of the photographs are enhanced to look like paintings. I hope you will enjoy our vacation pictures.
Russet colored links will take you to the different places we visited. In some cases, there is more than one page for each location. View all the pictures in order by clicking on the buttons in the right top corner of each page.      Alice Woodrome


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