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Alice was born and raised in Quincy, Illinois, a river town on the Mississippi. She moved to Oklahoma City in 1961 to attend college, where she met her husband, Warren. They were married in 1962 and raised two children. Alice was a stay-at-home mom for a dozen years as her husband established his career as a college professor and administrator. She then worked as a professional artist for over twenty years, selling her watercolors, acrylics, and serigraphs in art festivals across the country.

Her interest in writing grew during those years but it wasn't until she retired from the road in 1995 that she had time to develop her talent for the written word. Alice enjoys writing both fiction and non-fiction. She has published one novel, several short stories, children's picture books. She also writes poetry, as well as articles on subjects about which she feels strongly. She continues to create art, but now she works with digital photography and the tools in Photoshop, often creating illustrations for her stories and poems. Alice lives a simple life. As well as writing and artwork, she tends a flower garden and enjoys cooking.