A Family Tradition

A Photo Album of Candy Making Days 1999

Working on our plan of action.

We do it every year -- Mom, my sister and I (Chris and Alice) get together for "candy making days". It all started long ago when Mom made Christmas candy for the whole family. In recent years the one-day of cooking has turned into a marathon weekend for the three of us. We like having the candy to serve on Christmas and give to friends, but that is not the reason we keep this tradition. We all like to cook, and doing it together is great fun. This year another generation joined us, my daughter, Kelly. We met in Dallas at Chris and Mike's house. After a bit of planning and a lovely meal, we set right to work.

That is Kelly, Mom and Chris in the first picture. I'm the blonde in some of the photos.

Before we started any candy, we had a wonderful meal in Chris and Mike's beautifully decorated home. After dinner, we went right to work.

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Mom peels oranges to start the chocolate-covered candied orange rind Mike and Chris's house was decorated to the hilt Kelly making notes so we will remember what we do
Sometimes a spoon just doesn't work. Inside of Chris and Mike's lavishly decorated home, we were busy making centers for chocolate-covered cherries and peanut butter cups. Then there were oranges to peel, coconut centers to mix... the list goes on. The kitchen was filled with laughter and talk as we caught up with each others lives while we worked. Alice mixing up some fondant
Have you ever tried to juice oranges without their peelings. All ready for Santa Mike, Chris's husband and our host

We had barely begun at the end of our first evening.
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