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Late Bloomer Members who have served
as officers of the OKC Council and District

Fran Whitton
Past President of Council, 2003/2005
Past Council Treasurer, 2007/2010

Sherry Wilson
Past President of Council, 2005/2007

Marilyn Lahr
Past President of Council, 2007/2009
Council Treasurer, 2010 to present time
Email Chairman, 2003 to present time
Past 1st V President, 2005/2007
Past President of North Central District, 2005/2007
Scholarship Chairman - North Central District, 2007/2013
National Garden Clubs, Inc, National Life Member
Oklahoma State Garden Clubs, Inc, 2010 Personnel Files Chairman
South Central Region, 2010 Corresponding Secretary

Donnie Murray
President of Council, 2011/2013
1st Vice President

Golda Haines
Past 2nd V President, 2007/2009
Past Corresponding Secretary of North Central District, 2005/2007

Karen Martin
Past Recording Secretary, 2007/2009

Sandy Casteel
Past 2nd V President, 2005/2007

Jean Calder
Council Corresponding Secretary 2011/2012
Council 1st V President, 2012 to 2013

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