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Late Bloomers Garden Club Bylaws and Rules

ByLaws (revised: 3/19/13)

Article 1


This club shall be known as the "Late Bloomers Garden Club".

Article II


The object of this club shall be to establish a friendly and common interest in gardening in order to beautify our homes, our gardens, our community and our state, and to develop a love for plants and flowers and knowledge of their cultivation.

Article III

Any person interested in gardening shall be eligible for membership.


Section 1:

Elective officers:
a. The elective officers shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.
b. Appointive Officers: The appointive officers shall consist of a Council Delegate and any other officers that the President shall deem necessary.

Section 2:

Duties of the Officers:
a. The duty of the President shall be to preside at all meetings and to appoint all appointive officers. The President may call special meetings at any time deemed necessary, and may appoint special committees and define their duties. President will serve as Program Chairman.
b. The duty of the Vice-President shall be to preside in the absence of the President. Vice-President will serve as Publicity Chairman and is to present the work of the club to the public through the press and other desirable media.
c. The Secretary is responsible for keeping a record of changes or important matters of the club.
d. The treasurer is responsible for receiving and disbursement of all money in accordance with good fiscal policy.

Article V

Nominations and Elections
Section 1. A nominating committee will be assembled biannually in February
Section 2. Recommendations will be presented in March, and an election will be held at the March meeting.
Section 3. New Officers will take office in June and serve for two years.

Article VI


Section 1.

Regular meetings shall be held at Will Rogers Garden Center on the third Tuesday of each month at noon.

Section 2.

Five members will constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Article VIII

These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of the "Late Bloomers Garden Club" by a two-thirds vote provided the amendment (s) have been submitted in writing at the previous regular meeting

Standing Rules *
1. Dues shall be $20.00 per year payable at our February meeting. (raised from $15.00 1/17/12 by vote)
    (Breakdown of dues $9.50 club dues, $0.50 national dues, $7.50 state dues, $2.00 district dues, $1.00 OKC dues)
2. Political or religious speakers shall not be permitted.
3. Only projects related to gardening will be financed or supported, with the exception of Christmas Gifts to community charities
4. Outside speakers will be given up to $25.00.

Traditions (revised 5/20/14)*
(1) Incoming President procures gift for outgoing President - which is paid by the club.
(2) Noon meeting at Garden Center usually accompanied with a pot luck lunch by members.
(3) Hostess normally provides drinks and set up room for meeting – all members should help to clean up.
(4) In the case of a DEATH we would send flowers for a club member, a member's parent, spouse, or child
(5) The 'Sunshine' person appointed by the president will send a card and/or plant according to her judgment.
(6) A Council Liaison or Delegate will be appointed by the president. She will advise the president in matters relating to council, beyond our local garden club
(7) An Internet chairman shall be appointed by the president to maintain the club's website and send email notices as the president directs.
(8) An annual report is to be filed in November by the president.

*Can be changed at any time.

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