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Protocol for Road Trips

1. If someone signs up and then cannot go -- they may cancel up to five days before trip. If it is 5 days or less before the trip, they will be expected to pay their share of transportation costs.

2. After the actual expenses have been paid, if there is some money left over from the money collected by organizer for transportation, it shall be handled this way:
  If it is under $15 , it should be kept by the organizer for the time and effort expended in arranging things.
  If there is an overage of $15 or more collected by organizer, it should go into the club's treasury.

4. If more people sign up than there is room for, it shall be first come, first served, and a waiting list will be kept. Preference shall be given to members until five days before the trip. At that point, it is whoever speaks for the seat first, including guests.

5. If someone cancels but there is someone on the waiting list to take their place, or someone steps up to take their place, the person who cancels does not have to pay. The person taking their place does pay, however.

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