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Third Week of May   

y white Clematis has one beautiful bloom on it, and just a few more buds at this point. I think it will do well if it doesn't get too hot too early. I have it growing on bamboo poles for a trellis this year, which should not get as hot as the metal did last year.

The coreopsis and red yarrow are in bloom now, much later than the dwarf coreopsis and the yellow yarrow, which have both been blooming for some time.   The old fashioned honeysuckle is flowering now, and smells so much better than the fancier variety.

There are so many lilies getting buds that I am getting excited about it. I think I'll have more lilies this year than ever before.


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Coreopsis honeysuckle red yarrow
The Stella de Ora daylilies that line the circle driveway have begun to bloom now. This little dwarf lily is one of my favorites because of its long blooming season. It is always the first to bloom and the very last to bloom in the fall.
Stella de Ora Daylilies

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