Welcome to page twenty of a journey through the year 2002 in my garden.
Fourth Week of May   

ore lilies have bloomed. The large picture on the right is a wonderful peach Asiatic lily, named "Peach Butterflies." A red Asiatic lily is under it on the left - called  "Chippendale." Next to it another shot of one that is on the previous page named "White Butterflies." The third row shows the "Stella de Ora" daylilies along the driveway. Next to it is another new Asiatic, "White Lace." The bottom row shows a "Brown-Eyed Stella" daylily and more Coreopsis.

wrote an email to the Lily Garden in Washington State to tell them that eight of my lilies did not come up. They were very nice and wrote directly back saying that I will get replacement bulbs when the time is right this fall.


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Peach Butterflies Asiatic Lily
Chippendale Asiatic Lily White butterflies Asiatic Lily
Stella de Ora daylilies and Spirea White Lace Asiatic Lily
Brown-eyed Stella daylily Coreopsis

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