Welcome to page forty of a journey through the year 2002 in my garden.
Third Week of June  

he first purple flower is a dwarf daylily that has been in my garden from the beginning. I may have to move it before long, however, because the Rose of Sharon is beginning to shade it out. 

Below is a nameless spidery daylily that has three peddles of one color and three of another. I love the way it looks -- sort of exotic, really. 

he yellow daylily pictured is a giant of a bloom on the smallest daylily plant in my garden. It is the first time it has bloomed and I was amazed how large the bloom is. I don't even recall when or where I bought the lily, but that is not unusual for me. 


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Purple dwarf daylily
Purple and White Spider Daylily Giant Yellow Daylily

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