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Late July and Early August

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Formosa Lily Yellow Cosmos Rose of Sharon
Formosa Lily  Yellow Cosmos  Rose of Sharon 

We've had brutal heat and are way behind on rain, but a few flowers are hanging in. The lilies are gone, though there are still stray Stella de Ora daylilies. The last of the Orientals did not do well because of the heat. The crepe myrtle likes the heat and this year is not pleagued with mildew the way it often is. The "Lady Bird" cosmos keeps blooming and making seeds faster than I can deadhead them. Hundreds of seedlings are coming up ... And to think, the catalog said they would probably not be viable. With a lot of the color gone in the garden, I appreciate the variety in textures and colors of the groundcover foliage.

Purpls Coneflowers
Coleus  Purple Coneflowers
Hibiscus Lantana
Hibiscus  Lantana 
Lantana and Crepe Myrtle Yellow cosmos and Crepe Myrtle Spurge and Silver Brocade
Lantana & Crepe Myrtle Cosmos & Crepe Myrtle Spurge & Silver Brocade
Ornamental Sweet Potato, Licorice Hardy Amyrillas (naked ladies) Caladium
Sweet Potato, Licorice Naked Ladies Caladium


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