April Begins        

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White Daffodil Tiny Yellow Daffodil Newly Planted Tropicals Little Double Daffodil

I bought a big pot and trellis and planted a Mandevilla and an Allamanda. I really should have waited until there was no danger of frost to plant them, but Wal-Mart had them for a good price. I will try to wait before I plant the rest of the patio pots. I'm waiting too to get a new patio Clematis, though I will plant it in the garden (not a pot) as soon as they come in at the nursery. I've heard good things about the new "Raymond Evision Collection" and hope to get the "Versailles" variety. My Casa Blanca lily bulbs finally came and I got them planted. Some of my daylilies also arrived and will be planted soon.