Many of these stories, poems, and non-fiction pieces were the result of prompts given by my freewriting group.
Every day a new prompt appeared in my email and we were to write something on that subject.

F2F - An Internet romance.

Cat Crazy - A short story about a woman who is losing it -- or has the world gone mad.

Grayson's Journey - Reflections of a Cautious Cat. A Journey from Innocence to Wisdom. A story of a cat in the real world

Family Secret - Cameron Brogue didn't know if it was the secret that made his family so strange - or whether the secret was the result of some sinister streak that ran through the bloodline. No one of his generation even knew the secret, but it was there and it was undeniably evil.

The Flute Player - The only way Gray Wolf could express his love for the maiden Yellow Leaf was by playing his flute.

9/11 Drop-out - Paul McNally sat on a motel bed and watched the fire and smoke coming from the building where he had worked.

The Duck Updates - A true story written by me as the events unfolded a few years ago.

Choices - A story about depression and the choices we make in life.

It Might Have Been - Andrew had been the only boy she had ever been with before she married Phillip.... Comment from reader: "Thanks for a terrific read."

Dead End Road- It was more than simple curiosity when Serena heard the sound of a car on the loose gravel. It could be Darrell coming back. Comment from reader: "Wow."

Bay Memories - With the summer people gone the beach became a different place, but Christina continued to come.....Comment from reader: "Poignant piece, Alice. the twist at the end gives the piece a nice tang."

Angel - "Maybe he is some kind of angel," Mike said when I told him about the guy dressed in white. "I mean, you weren't killed, were you? Maybe it wasn't just luck -- maybe he was protecting you."


Mina of Medicine Park - An illustrated childrens' story of a gosling that strayed... Comment from reader: "This is our new favorite bedtime story."


For Better Things
Titmouse Tragedy
We've Got History
Several Dickinson-like ditties
The Weaver
The Price
Ask What You Will
Red Tail Hawk
Conversation with a Spider


On Loss and Peace - How can one have peace in the face of loss? Because I have struggled with the question personally, the answers I offer are not merely theoretical. Comments from Reader: "What a powerful statement."  "I have been greatly encouraged by this post."

The Hair Cut - About two weeks after my son's death, the doorbell rang and Frank was at our door, as he had been so many times during my son's life. This time he was asking me if I would cut his hair. Comment from Reader: "very meaningful ~ really.   It sounds like a real story and not fiction" (It is not fiction)

The Usual Suspects -- When you hear that someone has manic depression or schizophrenia, do you immediately wonder what his childhood must have been like to cause such a serious disorder? Comment from reader: " this was an absolutely wonderful piece."

Why I am a Blogger -- Since I've been doing it almost daily since December of 2000, I must have some compelling reasons. Comment from a reader: "Once again I am simply pleased with your clarity"

Life is like that - I find many lessons demonstrated eloquently in the garden and I've come to appreciate the metaphors. Comment from reader "Oh my gosh Alice. You've brought tears to my eyes. What a lovely piece of writing."

What my mentally ill loved one taught me - An article about living with a mentally ill person in the family. Comment from reader "Bravo. Well put on all counts....."Thanks for putting into words what I had been living for the last five years."

Prejudice - This article explores the question of whether it is possible to ever completely eliminate prejudice -- and how we can work towards this goal.

The Taste of Childhood - a tribute to my mother, the maker of family traditions.Comment from reader: "Oh Alice, that was a wonderful post!....What fun to read!"

Encounter with a Predator - a true account of an attempted carjacking. Comment from reader: "The way you related the events made me not realize that the way you related the events was so masterfully done.!"

I am a Case Manager - about helping a mentally ill loved one deal with the mental health care system and more.Comment from reader: "Amen and Amen! You have hit the nail on the head."

A Portrait of Helen - about a death, well done. Comment from reader: "You have said it all. It brought tears to my eyes."

A Simple Strategy to Combat Stigma - something any person can do.Comments from reader: "This was a very powerful post...", "Brilliant!," "So beautifully written and sooo true!," "How eloquently you have stated this Alice," "An excellent piece of writing."

A Classic- Driving a stick-shift: a humorous memory. Comment from reader: "ROFL! men & their priorities. What a terrific story."

On Wishes and Reality- some thoughts. Comment from reader: "This is, without a doubt, one of the most honest bits of truth I've ever read."

A Tale of Two Katys- A fictional story that is all too true. Comment from reader: "An amazingly powerful story, Alice. One that makes you think about our priorities in this society."

Artistic Snobbery - Have you ever noticed that the more people are into a subject, the narrower their scope of appreciation usually becomes?. Comment from reader: "Indeed, an insightful post..SO TRUE and yet I haven't looked at it quite like that."

Changing Seasons - I love the changing of the seasons. Each season has its own special allure. Let me count the ways. Comment from reader: "I've said it before and I'll say it again--when I grow up Alice, I want to be just like you."

On Marriage - After over 40 years together. Comment from reader: "Thanks for sharing your story and your wisdom Alice."

What's Best for the Children- Every time I see a news story about a custody battle and a child being taken from the only caregiver he's known I wonder if society is creating another time bomb..Comment from reader: "you gave me so much insight into a disorder that I didn't know existed."

Plagiarism - As long as creative people create, there will be those who think that anything they find is theirs to use any way they .Comment from reader: "That's excellent. Can I say I wrote it."

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