Web Designs by Alice Woodrome

               How much does a website cost?

Website costs will obviously vary depending on the type of site you need - but you can determine the cost of your site immediately, and also what it will cost to update your site. Below is an itemized list of services and what they cost.

A basic 18 page site (showcasing 12 items) ... $500.

Each additional basic page ... $25.

Password protected pages, feedback pages, or secure mail form pages ... $35. (these pages have a yearly charge of $30 each)

Registering your domain and arranging a host... $35 plus host charges for first year (approx $120)

Updating site by adding a new item to a gallery and creating a new corresponding item page ...$17 to $27, depending on the complexity of the page

Updating a schedule ... $7

Other services not listed will be charged at the rate of $35 an hour

Email Alice if you are interested in having her design and maintain a website for you.

Some websites Alice has designed for clients:

Restoration, Recycling and Remembering
Project Veteran Aid
Project Medicaid

Alice has also designed many personal sites that are listed on her homepage