Creating Art from Photographs
Manipulating Photographs in Photoshop
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Tutorials by Alice Woodrome

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Create a Line Drawing in Photoshop using the Smart Blur Tool.
Combining Photographs
Adding a sky and bird in water (high quality... takes a long time to load)
Adding a sky and bird in water (smaller size... loads quickly)

Colorful Watercolor

The BuzzPro Filter is used in this tutorial, as well as Virtual Painter v.5, but if they are unavailable, any of the filters that simplify an image will be acceptable when those plug-ins are called for. Topaz Simplify is good, AAA simplifier is also nice. Caravaggio works, too, but even the stock Photoshop filters like Paint daubs, Posterizer, and Cut-out work, though a slightly different effect is achieved.

Below is the finished artwork for the first tutorial. You can see the original by passing your mouse over the image. click here to take this tutorial.

Tutorial Begins here

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