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The canyons of Lost Maples State Natural Area host stands of bigtooth maples and canyon maples - Click for larger view This tree must have began as a seedling in the crack of a rock -- not a promising future. Yet, it somehow found enough moisture and nutrients to give it time to stretch a root out over the rock and into the nurturing earth. - Click for larger view They say that the Lost Maples Area is crowded with people when the leaves turn in the autumn and they have to limit the number of cars at one time - Click for larger view
I'm glad we went when we did. One doesn't go to the woods to wait in line. - Click for larger view

Lost Maples State Natural Area is a combination of steep, rugged limestone canyons, springs, plateau grasslands, wooded slopes and clear streams located about 70 miles northwest of San Antonio and 60 miles southwest of Fredericksburg, Texas. More Lost Maples  here.

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