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Last Week of April   


The garden has had a good rain and is growing by leaps and bounds. It's been very windy the last couple of days, as well, and a lot of the irises that are budding or blooming were blown over. I've staked some of them up.

The hyacinth bean vine seeds have sprouted, but none of the other seeds, as yet.

There are two more iris varieties that are blooming now, first the peachy pink and then the yellow one pictured on the second row. My chives, the second shot, are opening up now, though the clump in the shade is behind. The dwarf yellow coreopsis are in bloom, long before the taller wild variety have buds even.


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Pink Iris chives
Coreopsis white flowering shrub yellow iris

I  don't know the name of the white flowering shrub pictured in the middle. The annuals that I have put out are doing well. Pictured are the impatiens and caladiums. I also have begonias The last picture is the purple oxalis, a perennial that I like primarily because of the contrast of the purple foliage.

purple oxalis

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