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Last Day of April   

he garden is doing well, with many bearded iris varieties coming on. The purple blue one pictured first is a favorite of mine. I've always wanted a true blue bearded iris, and this is the closest I've come. I'm quite excited about the pure white iris. It is the first time it has bloomed and I had to think for a while to recall where it came from. I did remember that when I moved the deep purple irises from Mom's garden (on the middle right), she had a white one, as well. I wasn't sure I had even gotten one since it was August and they were not in bloom, but it appears I did. I love it. Also blooming now is the little cream colored iris and the old fashioned purple.

More seeds are sprouting, but I have quite forgotten what I planted where, so I'll just have to wait to see what they are. 


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Bluish Iris White Iris
Cream colored iris old fashioned iris purple iris
The columbine is blooming under the weeping Mulberry tree. I've planted three more varieties, but they probably won't bloom this year. The Dutch iris have also begun to bloom. So far just the blue.
blue dutch iris

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