Welcome to page twenty-five of a journey through the year 2002 in my garden.
First Day of June  

uite a few Asiatic lilies are opening now. A new peachy one called "Sculptor" is the first pictured. At the bottom of the page is the variety that I have the most of right now blooming. I don't know its name, but they are sturdy plants with blossoms that can take the heat. Above that picture is a pink speckled Asiatic lily and another shot of "White Lace."   I've also included another shot of the columbine, which is finally on the wane. The Purple Cone Flower next to it is the first to open this year.


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Sculptor Asiatic Lily
Columbine Purple Cone Flower
Pink Lily White Lace Asiatic Lily
White Asiatic Lilies

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