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Last Days of May   

his new Asiatic called "Fairest" certainly lives up to it's name.     I really love it.     

Below is another shot of my larkspur, to its right is a hibiscus blooming in a pot. I had it on the sun porch all winter and it nearly died. I cut it back and it has done well after setting it out. I believe the orange lily pictured is a Turk's Cap lily, though I am not certain. The true tiger lily has not bloomed yet. The last picture is a simple thyme in flower. I have quite a bit of it different places in the garden, along with some other herbs -- rosemary, basil, sage. I love to smell them as I work in the garden.


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Fairest Asiatic Lily
Larkspur Hibiscus
Turks Cap Lily Thyme

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