Welcome to page twenty-seven of a journey through the year 2002 in my garden.
First Week of June  

ilies, lilies, and more lilies in the garden, and still lots more to come. I love it. The first is a white Asiatic that is not a new one, but I am amazed how many I have this year. They are lovely, though, so I don't mind a bit. The yellow-orange daylilies that were the first to bloom of the non-dwarf varieties is still going strong. Next to it is another shot of the lovely peach "Sculptor" Asiatic.

The larger variety of Shasta daisies has begun to bloom now. They are considerably larger than the little Shasta's that bloomed earlier that are gone now. The last picture is a new red Asiatic named "Razzle Dazzle."


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White Asiatic Lily
Yellow Orange Daylily Sculptor Asiatic Lily
Shasta Daisies Razzle Dazzle Asiatic Lily

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