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First Week of June  

e had a nice rain - nearly an inch and muchly needed. The first Asiatic lily pictured is curious because it often has blossoms on the same stem that open up at the same time with slight color variations. They run from almost white to pale yellow and pale pink.

The "Amarone" lily is pictured next. It is a new Asiatic. Next to it on the right is an orange lily from past years. I don't know its name. Directly under it is another new Asiatic named, "Plum Burgendy."

The grandma of them all is the left one on the bottom. It is a simple "ditch lily" as some people call it because it is the wild variety that is often found growing in ditches. It is not only hardy, but spreads like crazy. I got my start from my good friend, Jill, in Ohio, where oddles of them grow wild.


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Asiatic Lily
Amarone Asiatic Lily Orange Asiatic Lily
ditch daylily Plum Burgendy Asiatic Lily

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