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Fourth Week of June  

his is a hybrid lily classified as an "Oriendpet" which is a cross between a trumpet lily and an Oriental lily. It is named after the exotic Scheherazade depicted in the "Arabian Nights."  I think the name is fitting.  I can hardly imagine a more exotic lily..  

The first daylilies on the second row are wonderful, and this is neither the first picture nor the last of them. I love them. The one next to it is a peach lily that is a couple years old. I got it from a friend in my garden club. The coreopsis are still blooming as I continue to dead head them daily. The last picture is a deep burgendy daylily. I have several clumps of them.  


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Scheherazade Lily
Purple and Yellow Daylily Peach daylily
Coreopsis Burgendy Daylily

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