Welcome to page forty-seven of a journey through the year 2002 in my garden.
Fourth Week of June  

his is why I work so hard in the garden. It is for moments like this. I sat on my bench this morning having my first cup of coffee before I set to work -- looking at this -- so many beautiful daylilies and a few other flowers thrown in.  And I thought how lucky I am to have this garden. Lucky to have the time to dig and weed and water. Lucky to have the desire and the energy to work in concert with nature on this canvas in the back yard.   

The second row has another picture of the Scheherazade lily, a yellow-orange daylily. The last row shows a clump of yellow daylilies and next to it, a double orange daylily.  


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Garden with Lilies
Scheherazade Yellow Orange Daylily
Yellow Daylilies Double Orange Daylily

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