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Third Week of July  

 don't know the name of this pink speckled Oriental lily that is now blooming. What is more, I don't recall planting it or ever seeing it in my garden before. It does not face up like the Stargazers and it is much later than the Mona Lisa lily, the first to bloom of all the Orientals I have.  But it is beautiful, and it is certainly welcome.  

here is no doubt that summer is upon us with the awful heat that we get used to in Oklahoma. There are a few flowers, though, that seem to like the heat, and they are doing well now. The yellow lantana is an annual and really takes off in July, as does the zinnias pictured beside it. The zinnias are volunteers this year. The red hibiscus, a tropical variety that I have growing in a pot has five blooms on it today. 

The last picture are a few flowers I brought in today. They are sitting on the table in the sunroom. I often bring in fresh flowers to enjoy in the house, but I cut these Rudbeckia and Lantanas mainly because they were growing into the pathway. 


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Burgendy Speckled Oriental Lily
Lantanas Zinnias
Hibiscus Cut Flowers

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