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Fourth Week of July  

 love moon flowers, even though I don't see much of them. They open up at night and close when the sun comes up. Like hibiscus and day lilies, individual blossoms last just one day -- or night, I should say. The blooms are so huge, though, and look so great in moonlight, that I just have to like them. 

he little pink flowers were a surprise. They are actually columbines, though the flower doesn't look too much like other columbines. I planted the new columbines this year, but did not expect them to bloom, since spring is their time. I suppose they are confused because of being transplanted. I'm sure next year they will behave more like a columbine. The last picture is my last Oriental lily. Not just the last variety, but the very last flower. They were wonderful.  


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New pink columbine Last Oriental Lily

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