Welcome to page sixty-seven of a journey through the year 2002 in my garden.
Fourth Week of August  

have quite a few things in pots that must be watered every day in this hot weather. The first picture is a hibiscus in with an ornamental sweet potato next to a pot with a jade plant and the foliage of an amaryllis. The white lacy plant in the lower left corner is silver brocade. The yellow behind is lantanas.  Pictured below is a close up of the hibiscus. Beside it is a pot with an assortment of cacti and succulents that I keep in the sunroom during winter and then set out during the growing season. There is also a purple jew growing with the cacti. The last row has a picture of a strawberry pot planted with sedum and airplane plants. The last picture is caladium growing in pots that are sunk in a shady corner of the corner.  


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Pots on steps
hibiscus Cacti and succulents
strawberry pot Caladiums

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