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First Week of September  

These first flowers are garlic chives, their primary virtue being that they bloom now when few other flowers are -- in my garden, anyway.

There are other flowers that thrive in the hot weather, though. The second picture is one -- the hyacinth vine growing on the fence at the back of the garden.

Next are the cypress vine. Their miniature flowers are no less lovely because of their size - but they could be easily overlooked if they bloomed in May or June. The annual lantana is next.

Surprise lilies are pictured last. Actually they are a hardy amaryllis and very closely related to the naked ladies that bloomed a couple of weeks ago. I love the coloration of this variety. When they first open they have a lot of blue and purple in them, which fades to pink as the bloom ages.


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Garlic Chives
hyacinth vine cypress vine
lantanas Surprise Lilies

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