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Third Week of April   

I have been working in the garden a great deal the last few days and enjoying it very much. The weather has been sublime.

The tulips in the annual bed are in full bloom now and the garden looks pretty good. Many of the new lilies that I planted last fall are coming up.

I am getting a few aphids on some of the day lilies, but I'm spraying them with a water and soap solution. I hope that will take care of the problem.



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double pink tulips
Double Tulips
I rather like ground covers between plantings instead of bare ground or mulch. Not all ground covers are happy in every location, and I like the wildish look of a mix anyway. So I usually plant several kinds and let nature take its course. The ground cover that is the happiest eventually dominates in that area. Here are a few shots I took today.
golden money wort

Golden Money Wort, Sedum
phlox and oregano

Creeping Phlox and Oregano
silver brocade

Silver Brocade
ornamental strawberries

Ornamental Strawberries
verigated vinca major

Variegated Vinca Major
vinca and phlox

Vinca Major and Creeping Phlox
ajuga and sedum

Ajuga, Two kinds of Sedum

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