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Abbots Magic
Absolute Treasure
Alaskan Midnight
All American Plum
Always Afternoon
American Revolution
Antique Gold
Apricot Sparkles
Art Gallery Fringe
Atlanta Heart Stealer
Autumn Blaze
Autumn Daffodil
Awesome Blossom

Bama Belle
Bama Bound
Bama Music
Beautiful Edgings
Bengal Bay
Bertie Ferris
Best Kept Secret
Best of Friends
Betty Warren Woods
Bill Norris
Big Time Happy
Black Eyed Susan
Blackberry Wine
Black-Eyed Stella
Bonnie Corley
Book of Kells
Breed Apart
Bright Sunset
Brookwood Early On
Buttered Popcorn

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Calico Spider
Canadian Border Patrol
Carolyn Criswell
Chance Encounter
Chicago Apache
Chevron Spider
Chicago Cherry
Chorus Line
Coyote Moon
Custard Candy
Court Magician
Crinkled Beauty
Crystal Sea
Dainty Eyes
Dark Star
Decatur Cherry Smash
Desperado Love
Dragons Eye

Ed Brown
Ed Murray
Edith Sliger
Eenie Weenie
Eggplant Escapades
El Desperado
Elizabeth Salter
Emperor Butterfly
Emperor's Dragon
Evening Seashell
Eye Declare

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Fairy Tale Pink
Fat Lady Sings
Feather Down
Fooled Me
Forever Red
Forgotten Dreams
Frequent Comment
Forty Carats
Frans Hall

Gentle Sheperd
Gold Embroidery
Golden Ruffles
Gracious Living
Green Flutter

Hearts On Fire
Heirloom Heaven
Heirloom Lace
Hemerocallis fulva (early)
Hemerocallis fulva (late)
Holy Spirit
Honey Jubilee
Hush Little Baby

Ida's Braid
Ida's Magic
In a Whirl
Indian Giver
Inexcusably Attractive
Inner Destiny
In Search of Angels
Irish Linen
Isle of Dreams

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Jason Salter
Joan Senior
Jolyene Nicole
Julia's Choice

Kansas Kitten
Kindly Light
Kwan Yin

Laddie Boy
Lady Khan
Last Red Star
Last Flight Out
Lavender Deal
Lemon Yellow
Little Grapette
Little Charmer
Little Red Gems

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Magic Obsession
Majestic Fortune
Malaysian Monarch
Mardi Gras Parade
Martha Reed
Mask of Time
May May
May Star
Midnight Raider
Mildred Mitchell
Miss Jessie
Moneta Vallien
Moonlit Masquerade
My Melinda

Olive Bailey Langdon
Orange Eyes
Ornamental Focus

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Paper Butterfly
Pandora's Box
Pardon Me
Patchwork Puzzle
Pearl Harbor
Picottee Ruffled Ripples
Pink Ambrosia
Pink Lemonade
Pink Perfection
Plain Janice
Ponca Brave
Prairie Blue Eyes
Princeton Grape
Purple Tempest
Raspberry Candy
Raspberry Pixie
Red Flag Spider
Red Ribbons
Red Velvet
Red Volunteer
Rocket City
Rosie Isak
Rosy Returns
Ruffled Apricot
Russian Rhapsody

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Sally Farley
Savannah Sun
Shady Lady
Silent Sentry
Siloam Baby Talk
Siloam Grace Stamile
Siloam Irving Hepner
Siloam PeeWee
Siloam Show Girl
Siloam Ury Winniford
Skinny Dipping
Snow Elf
South Sea Enchantment

Spacecoast Starburst
Starburst Susie
Stars On Fire
Stella de Ora
Strawberry Candy
Strawberry Fields Forever
Strawberry Taffy
Strutters Ball
Stunning Stripes
Sue Rothbauer

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Taffeta Trade
Toodle Lu

Web of Intrigue
Wild Horses


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