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Greenleaf Sister Trip 2007

Cypress at Greenleaf State Park
Cypress trees line the banks of the marina area at Greenleaf Lake. Click any image for larger view.

Our annual sister trip is always anticipated with great excitement, and this year was no exception even though we were not going out of the state.

Oklahoma has many lakes and parks we had not seen, so early Sunday morning we left the city and drove east on Interstate 40 headed for Greenleaf State Park. We had reservations for a little cabin in the woods there. It looked charming in the park website, complete with a lake view, fireplace, and screened-in porch. There were hiking trails nearby and paddleboats available to rent at a marina down the hill.

It sounded like an ideal place for a sister getaway in late October. The weatherman predicted chilly weather, but we were prepared with warm clothes and makings for some of our favorite comfort foods. We both like to cook, especially together, so preparing the meals would be part of the fun.

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