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First Week of June  

he lilies are really blooming nicely now, both the Asiatic and daylilies, though many varieties are yet to blossom. 

The first picture in the middle row is an orange Asiatic, with red dianthus beside it. The dianthus is growing among the coreopsis. I think it is not getting enough sun, but I'm not ready to cut the coreopsis down as long as it is blooming. I keep dead-heading it and it keeps going.

The last row is an Asiatic lily pictured earlier, "Plum Burgendy" then a hardy lantana. The lantana doesn't always come back if our winter is extra cold, but it did this year and is beginning now to bloom.


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Asiatic Lilies
Orange Asiatic Lily Dianthus
Plum Burgendy Asiatic Lilies Lantana

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