Lake of the Ozarks Sister Trip - Log

Day One - Wednesday:

A smoky mist rose from farm ponds as we headed up I-44 on the turnpike from Oklahoma City for our annual sister trip. Chris and I (Alice) left at 5:30 on that early October morning in 2010. Chris drove and, as usual, I served as navigator, but this time armed with an iPhone, which meant we did not have to have a notebook of maps and such. The eastern sky was bathed in amber and warmer hues when we made our first stop at the McDonald's in Stroud to use their services and grab a cup of coffee for me.

The miles and time passed quickly as we talked. Even the rush hour traffic in Tulsa seemed like a minor matter. Adventure awaited us! We made another stop in Vinita and had lunch at a Taco Bell in Lebanon, MO., and before long we were in the Ozarks. It was a little early for autumn color, but that didn't seem important at all.

The Divine Miss G, our GPS, kept us on track. Although we have learned that she is not infallible, she did keep us from getting lost in Camdenton, and another time or two.

The first glimpse of the lake was nice, a hint of the inspiring vistas to come during this long-awaited trip.      Next