Lake of the Ozarks Sister Trip - Log

Day Two - Thursday:

With cup in hand I ventured down the steep walkway to the dock, past the stone lions that overlooked that special place. I waited for the sun in the gazebo with my carrot muffin and coffee. (Our breakfasts that week were not to be communal. Everyone slept as long as they wanted and fixed their own morning meal).

Fishermen came and went -- some very close to the gazebo. We learned that the fish bite good near our particular dock. We sure saw a lot of them jumping out of the water while we were there.

Kathy joined me soon, and we talked as the sun rose on the horizon. We've been friends since high school and it was nice to share that time. That first sunrise was mesmerizing. The view of the house from the gazebo was pretty impressive, too.

After everyone was up and had breakfast, we decided to go for a paddle boat ride. A friend of Erik's who had an A-Frame nearby, offered to let us use his paddleboat any time we wanted to while we were at the lake.      Next