Lake of the Ozarks Sister Trip - Log

Day Four - Saturday:

After a lunch of leftovers, we took a short trip over to Bagnal Dam and Willmore Lodge. There is a steep paved trail that leads down to the water from the Willmore Lodge that is a must. It has a great view of the lake and butterfly garden landscaping along the way. We met some people with a Great Dane who lived not far from us. It evidently thought it was a lap dog. The dog tried to sit on Kathy.

We watched fisherman under the dam for a while but the afternoon sun was getting pretty hot so we drove home and played games until it was supper time.

Chris made her green chili chicken soup and we had an oriental green salad.

After more games, we splurged and had our one dessert of the week. I made a great pie crust with cinnamon and sugar, added some wonderful cherry pie filling that Erik had ordered, and topped it all with vanilla ice cream and sugar glazed almonds. There was never a dessert that tasted quite so good.

Before bed we all convened at the gazebo and talked until it was quite dark before turning in. It was so great to be with friends and have time to relax and talk.   Next