Our Visit to the Pacific Ocean

Rialto Beach

I haven't seen the ocean many times, but every time I do I see a different facet of its changeable personality. It was early evening and misting when we reached the rocky Olympic coast and saw the Pacific Ocean at Rialto Beach. Time seemed to stand still as we looked out beyond the sea stacks and watched the endless progression of waves rolling toward the shore.

I was mesmerized by the ocean and could not leave without taking something with me besides a memory. I now have a hand-full of rocks, each carefully chosen, sitting in a ceramic dish on my dining table to remind me of that magical place, and a perfect day with two good friends.

Rialto Beach driftwood

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Wave Another wave

So I went a little crazy trying to catch a perfect wave

And Another wave I could go on, you know... but I'm taking pity on you!

It was already late, but Erik wanted to drive up a mountain!

To Hurricane Ridge and the most inspiring sight of our trip

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