And the Most Excellent Part of our Adventure in the Pacific Northwest

Hurricane Ridge

It was getting late on the Olympic Peninsula, eight-thirty, the evening before we would be heading home. We hadn't seen Hurricane Ridge yet, but it had been a busy day and we were hungry and ready to call it a day. Well, Jill and I were, anyway. Erik thought we could make it up the seventeen miles before it got dark and he wanted to see it. We humored him. I secured a promise that he would drive very slowly on the treacherous roads and Erik was true to his word. I am so glad we took the time to go. It was nearly dark by the time we reached the top, but what could compare to the experience of standing on top of the world at the close of a perfect day with two of the dearest people on earth as the misty clouds settle between the mountains below? Could heaven be so different?

We encountered more wildlife on the mountain than we had in the woods. Several times we had to stop while deer wandered off the road.

buttonClick here to see a shot of one of the deer.
button Another deer ... this one on the way down when it was getting dark.

More Shots of Olympus and Hurricane Ridge

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Olympus Scene On the way to Hurricane Ridge
Olympus Scene Mountains and snow

But all good things must come to an end,
and so did our vacation.

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